Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Edible Egg?

So I'm a little concerned about tonight's supper. Egg and Tomato Gratin. I know, it sounds thrifty and, well, eggy, but I was seduced by the photo in Jacques'  Fast Food My Way. It makes the dish look so deliciously browned and crunchy cheesy. It's what's underneath the melted Baby Swiss I'm worried about. Egg, crushed canned tomato, dried thyme?

It's bound to look as good as the photo though, thanks to my favorite bake-ware staple. An orangey-red and oval shaped enameled cast iron gratin dish. I found this nesting set once at an estate sale. Not one of those estate sales at a grand estate, but a really cat-hairy thick carpet burby split-level affair. There were two actually, made by Lavec, selling for 12 dollars each. The vintage appeal was strong. But somehow not strong enough, or maybe my sensitivity to it not developed enough. I only bought one set. Why? I ask myself every single time I bake a brownie, or a quiche, or an eggy thing. 


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