Thursday, April 24, 2008

Guns and Roses

In Paris, my parents are faithful frequenters of a certain bakery, called, most unfrenchly, Bread and Roses. When I made this grainy loaf for them a few weeks ago, mom exclaimed, "this is as good as Guns and Roses!" (For some reason, ten or so years ago when it opened, our family, being only peripherally acquainted with the late 20th century rock scene and not a little confused about many things, took to calling it Guns and Roses -- with an "and," fittingly, not with an " 'N".)

Unlike certain punk, heavy metal, and classic rock fusion, trying this at home is bound to make your neighbors happy. Jacob and I both agreed that it made our place smell like a "real bakery," so, roll up your sleeves and open the windows.

I'm going to post in real time, as I bake. Check in if you like!


how_should_I_presume said...

Is this the bread you made for the dinner party? That was so delicious. I want to take bread making lessons with you this summer...

Emily said...

It is! And let's! I'm actually going to post the recipe now!